Room Use Survey System (RUSS)

The Room Use Survey System (RUSS) enables Building Executives and FAMA to maintain room-level information pertaining to the occupants of each room and the types of use allocated within our University of Arkansas facilities. This annual survey of room level use and occupant information is an important responsibility of our 245+ Building Executives because it aids or directly impacts our Emergency Response Preparedness, Facilities Planning, Capital Improvement & Maintenance schedules, and our Federal reporting requirements.

RUSS access is limited to our University of Arkansas Building Executives or their Alternates and an active University user account is required for viewing or editing the building level data within RUSS. Please contact us if you would like to request access to RUSS. Building Executives (or Alternates) are not automatically added to RUSS so an email request is required before your UARK account will be ‘activated’ for the building(s) you are responsible for within RUSS.

RUSS provides web browser access to Review or even edit the room level detail on how space is allocated within campus buildings. Each users account is restricted to the specific buildings for which they are responsible for as a Building Executive or Alternate, as defined by their Dean or the Provost. If you need help with the RUSS system, please review the files within the help pages, or contact someone listed below. We will continue to improve and enhance RUSS to better fit our needs and to streamline the data entry process for RUSS users; please let us know if you have suggestions of how to improve RUSS.

RUSS Contact List
Important Reminders for the current audit period:
  • Each and every Room must be “updated” during each RUSS Audit period. One-click updates and room to room navigation are now available in RUSS.
  • The RUSS audit periods (time/date) are indicated within the page(s) and access to RUSS is not permitted outside of the Audit periods.
  • Please refer to the Help page(s) or “info” buttons within the website if you have any questions or contact one of the RUSS support team members.

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